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maxi dress,shopping my closet

Maxi dress, shopping my closet

Maxi dress, my summer staple. Heck it is a winter staple too, and a fall staple, and a spring staple. OK, a maxi dress is a year round thing. This one from Express is one I got about 3yrs ago? And I still love it. I don’t wear it as much as I should. Which is not good. Considering when…

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Styling Stripes for Spring

  Hi there friends! There is a zebra on the blog today! No, not really. It is just me. So, this season coming up there is going to be a influx of stripey goodness. All types, from small striped to bigger. The trend is making full circle again and you may be left wondering what is so different about it…

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Feelin baggy.

You know there are some pieces in our closets that when we pick them out and wear them we just feel good,either in the way we look in them or just the comfort factor. We all have pieces like that. For me it is over sized sweaters with City or places names on them. Weird I know, but I love…

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Overcast and weekend wear.

Hi there friends! How are you this fine day? I am surviving the flu problem in the house. Just when I thought all was well, it wasn’t. My husband got sick AGAIN. And so, here we are and  I am hoping that I don’t get it again. Hoping and praying. I swear I have sterilized everything. And still, it is…

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Styling a sequin skirt, total mermaid vibes.

  Today on the blog, it is all about those mermaid vibes. I gues that is another thing I love about this skirt. The total Ariel vibes. But, instead of seashells I went with this strappy tank from Express. I love this shade of green with navy. And for today’s Christmas shopping adventure I wanted something festive or close to…

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Shirt dress with pockets

Dress with pockets.

Ok it is no secret that I think a dress should have pockets.And it is no surprise that I get so excited and happy when I find a dress that is comfy and has pockets. I believe that all dresses should have pockets. Just like I believe jeans for women should have more functional pockets.look I know the teeny pocket…

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OOTD red and black Cmeo collective

What I Wore Wednesday, Cmeo Collective.

Hi there friends and today is a What I wore Wednesday! I have worn this Cmeo collective skirt so much and I never tire of the gorgeous print and the way it swishes and swashes to and frow (don’t think those are words…but autocorrect didn’t chime in….hmmm) any ways it is a great skirt! I have been recently going through…

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blogger ootd

Green boots!

Hi there friends! Happy Friday! It is actually kind of chilly here in the Sunshine state. WOW. I know, but really! It is! And that means dun dun dun! SWEATERS! YAY! I can pretend it is wintery! And what other way than to pretend it is wintery than with some awesome boots. Like these Green boots from Justfab! Which are…

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