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Anxiety take over

Has this happened to you? You get the courage to go to an event. You hype yourself up and have micro panic attacks up to the event. Even while driving. Then during the event you become a bubbley extrovert in contrast to your introverted self. And then on the way home the monster, we will call her Gina, shows her…

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It feels so good to be back home and getting back to my normal routine. The boy is back in school and loving it. And I the mommy am back to taking him to appointment after appointment. Of course I am trying to get my house back in order since the destructive force of my little category four hurricane that…

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A cup of coffee and a thought.

Hello friends, I am writing this post a bit in haste this morning as, I have the cleaning fairy in my being. I have no idea why I do. But it is there. And when the cleaning fairy calls, you had better answer. It is good for you. I have been picking up after my little man all morning messes…

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Monday. Need I say more?

Shirt HM(old) new style here  HM pencil skirt here Justfab shoes(old) newest styles available on the site. I am wondering what to write at the moment as I sip on my third cup of coffee. I am drawing a blank. A serious blank. A lack of sleep will do that to a person. And although I am running off of fumes, potato…

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