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Justfab loreida

Sunday somethings; I just want to read.

By the time you are reading this,I will be chasing my little around the beach. My family and I relaxing on one of Florida’s beaches. But, that isn’t what this post is about. Today I have a momfession.  I want to read more. Lately I feel like ever time I sit to do so something happens and I can’t. When…

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Sunday somethings with Glamorousandgeeky.com

Sunday somethings. A day of nothing.

Sundays are meant for lazy days, right? Well if you are mom maybe not. And if you have a child rambunctiously destroying the house that you are trying to keep clean it is not by any means a lazy day. I tried so hard to get this silly post up all afternoon and night but had so much to do…

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Take me to Hogwarts.

Or at least the one at Universal Studios Orlando. Am I right? Didn’t get my letter, Gandalf you had better show up when I am like 50ish? Anyways, today has been one of “those days”. You know the kind, the kids or kid in my case start  out alright then all of a sudden in the grocery store they turn…

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1 in 42. 

Today’s blog post is a hard one for me. hard to talk about, hard to say. or rather type. Let’s start at the title. 1 in 42. 1 in 42 boys will be diagnosed with ASD. 1 child in 68 will be diagnosed . It occurs more in boys than girls. My child is 1 in 42. Today we walked…

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Hi there friends! What a day I had! I woke up latish and then had to get everyone ready and out of the door. I at least got my makeup on.(mostly) I has A sip of coffee and forget my hair. It was wild and crazy and I brushed it a bit ago before taking the flat iron to it.…

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White Romper and coffee don’t mix.

Hey there friends! How are you?! I decided to wear white, since it has been hotter than the sun here in the land of sunshine and crazy wildlife! I decided to wear my white romper that I purchased from MANGO about a year ago? Yeah. Anyways, I love it as it is very comfy and perfect for summer. However, I…

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SAturday somethings. The Saturday Doodle Dump.

Hi friends as you know I am quite the doodler. (supervillain? THE DOODLER!) Anyways, when I get bored I doodle. Doodle anywhere so here are more of my Fashionably Gleek Comic strips for your Saturday viewing! I hope you enjoy! These comics are things that have happened or are hysterical observations I have had on mundane things whether it is standing…

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Pink sweater

Well hi hi friends! Happy Thursday! I finally have a moment to write on the old bloggeroo.  Sometimes it seems having days full of appointments seem to just take all day, especially school appointments and  Doctor visits. Which if you haven’t yet you should get one of those coloring books for adults. Time flies with those. Waiting rooms become less…

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