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Manicure Monday, pink and gold.

Hi there friends happy happy Monday. Yes, the weekend is over but let us embrace the week with flare. I wanted to share a great color combination of nails that I have been messing around with pretty much all last week. I didn’t last with the Rimmel. I needed COLOR! my tiny child decided this would be the best place…

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Experiment with nail art.

If you have seen my instagram(gofashiondeals) then you may have seen this bit of simple nail art. I did this last night while playing Skyrim on Xbox360. I needed to do something while my nails dried. Skyrim is the perfect time waster. Really it is. I saw a similar nail art on, you guessed it, Pinterest. I saw it and…

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Manicure Monday Nicole gumdrops

I finally got a manicure post up after how long? Yeah.  Well it seemed every time I painted my nails I would promptly ruin the nail polish I just did so I gave up. Oh well.  The polish is by Nicole and  the color is Cin-a-man . The directions for the polish say a base coat then two pilish coats.…

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