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Orange pop.

Hi there Friends!! Happy Monday to ya! I have been trying to get a blog post done all morning. But, I did!! And I busted my bum off to get it done. It was a gloomy morning and I wanted to wear color today, or a bit of color. With the accessories and the shirt I am wearing is one…

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MANGO Menswear

Shopping Edit: Mango for the family!

Hi there friends!!! It is time again for another blog post on shopping! Yeah, I know I know,more shopping. But bear with me. Why? Because MANGO is why. I love this store, it has EVERYTHING. Well not everything like, home décor, but it does have Women’s fashion, kid’s fashion, and menswear! One stop fashion shop! Really, you can get a…

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#OOTD HM tunic and Express flares.

Hi there friends how are you all! TGIF and all that jazz! It is one fantastic Friday I must say. I am spent the day out and about with my little one and we had a lot of fun even though it was so hot I almost passed out. The heat is horrible this time of year. We went to…

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White Romper and coffee don’t mix.

Hey there friends! How are you?! I decided to wear white, since it has been hotter than the sun here in the land of sunshine and crazy wildlife! I decided to wear my white romper that I purchased from MANGO about a year ago? Yeah. Anyways, I love it as it is very comfy and perfect for summer. However, I…

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Back to black..and white.

Well, so I know I said in yesterdays post that I would be posting about my summer essentials. Well I tried to get some of the bloggy stuff done and had a helper. SO that will be a post that has to wait. With him taking blog pictures is something I have to do around home and at nap time.…

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Buzzing around the woods

Hi there friends Happy Saturday!!!Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and then before you know it St Patick’s day will be right around the corner with it’s full green beer glory(yuck).  Today, it is a more relaxed of a day. I was going to post a recipe for some chocolate cake, but when I made it I was not thrilled with how…

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I long for fall and cooler or coolish weather.

Hi there friends! I have been looking around Pinterest at some great fall inspired recipes and after watching Good Eats and seeing Alton Brown cook with pumpkins it made me think about fall. Ahh fall. Where the mosquitos are not as bad and humidty tones down a bit here. I looked around my closet thinking what to wear. And taking…

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New Pencil skirt and bows on everything.

Hi there friends! I hope you all are doing well! I finally got around to showing off my newest pencil midi skirt.  I am not 100% better, still sick. Booo. Even though I am still under the weather, I wanted to get out and do something. So, I did. We went to the park and had a great time. I got into an argument with…

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