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top nars and toofaced buys from Nordstrom rack buys

Feeling Toofaced and NARSisitic

  Until recently I have not even thought about buying makeup from Nordstrom Rack. To be honest, I never knew they sold makeup there. I know that is silly. They sell at a super discounted price some products that are either being phased out or surplus. When I saw the Urban Decay powder I then looked for some of my…

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Rich reds, what I love right now!!

Reds are just beautiful. And lipsticks of red shades can be scarey but they do not have to be. Shake away fear with these beautiful red shades. For fair skin or skin in the cool shades, choose colors with a blueish tint in the notes of the red shades. I love Lancome’s lip gloss like this one below for cool…

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In the pinks!!!

I absolutely love pink. It is my favorite color of all time! I just adore how it makes me feel! One thing I can not do without is pink accessories! I can’t imagine not having pink shoes, bags,jewelry,and lipsticks. Pink is a hot shade right now for lips and nails. From bright berries to subtle roses, it is a color…

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