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Legoland fl

Brick or TREAT with LEGOLAND!!!

Once upon a time there was a Halloween adventure that wasn’t so scary, but to a tiny child was ohhhh so fun and adventurey. OK, So Sunday my family and I went to LEGOLAND Fl for their annual Brick or TREAT!!!ย  It was so much and we had such a great time, mostly because the wee lad was big enough…

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LEGOLAND Adventures and OOTD

Hi there Friends! Happy Wednesday and such! Today I am finally getting around to posting some LEGOLAND goodness as well as an outfit I had taken a week before and forgot I did that. Also! We have a winner for the Case App phone case! YAY! Winner will be announced! LEGOLAND isย  a lot of fun and there are some…

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Adventures in Legoland May.

  Hello there friends! Happy Saturday. Wow! What a day! What a fun filled tired tiny child gloriously hot day. I’m exhausted so I apologize if some stuff doesn’t make sense. My tiny family went to LegoLand Florida today!! And as promised I am blogging what I can before I pass out. Woot!   We of course started the day…

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