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Waiting room reads, The Reason I Jump.

As a parent of a child with autism, the first thing besides seeing a butt ton of doctors is research. Research and you guessed it more research. Books on top of books, blogs, medical journals and research notes, and almost all are in the parents perspective or the specialists and doctors point of view. Vary rarely is it from the…

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Currently reading. Beach Worthy books.

Hi there friends! We all know I love reading. I love it! There is nothing better than a good book series and a good cup of coffee. Well other than the backdrop! Like say, the beach? Yes, today’s focus is on beach worthy books! Let me say something too about this list, a lot if not all of these books…

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And they say inflation does not exist.

Inflation is a lot like Santa Claus.  Why? Because many economists think Inflation does not exist.  Ok well it does. Here is some proof. Take these children books by Golden Books. Or A little golden book. That book was from when my siblings were really little, before me. The book was $.69. Yes, 69 cents for a book. Wow. This…

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