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Blogging with kids

If you have been following my instagram for a while you may have seen that my little one has been home sick a bit this school year, infections in the ear, the lungs, the sinuses, the flu, the list goes on and on. And while I love having him home, he is the most snuggly kid ever, I never tend…

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Character shirts, good,bad,or ugly.

When you see kids clothing, you normally don’t think there could be any controversy.  Well, guess what? There is! Who would have thought a shirt made for a toddler could be considered trashy,tacky, and branding. Really?   Seriously? When you were a kid do you remember wearing shirts with some Disney character on it? Or see pictures of that? I do.…

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October soon!!

Well it is almost that time of year, the time of pumpkin carving, candy, fall foliage, boots, coats, pumpkin pies, and costume parties! Yes, Halloween! I love this time of year! I love it when the trees change color people start bombarding the candy isle, and all of the Halloween party stores come back in full force! It is great…

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