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justfab romper and breckelles shoes

Oh that boho charm, 2 OOTD.

So it feels a lot like summer has hit, it is March still and already it feels like the middle of June. It was 90 degrees today in Orlando! WHAT?! How crazy, well I guess it is Florida and all. Today’s outfit post is more of a what I wore what I wore. Since yesterday, I had to change right…

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arm candy

Insta Arm Candy.

If you follow me on Instagram @gofashiondeals you may have seen my abundance of arm candy and coffee lately. I have an obsession with it for some reason. I think why I love bling is because of my little. He plays with my bracelets if waiting in line or if we are somewhere sitting. He fidgets with that instead of…

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Gold and white.

Today was probably not the best day to try and get an OOTD post shot. Especially when a hurricane is outside. Although it is further north, the outer bans can be just as bad with Tornados and flooding. Oh the joys of living in Florida, although it has been quiet for years hurricane wise. And today is a day I…

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Shopping Sunday: Rock out with Rocksbox

So if you have followed the blog for a while you may remember my having a subscription to Rocksbox. Rocksbox is a monthly subscription box where you get hand picked jewelry each month that is based on your needs or style. Pretty nifty right? It always comes in these cute little boxes. And usually a sweet little message like this…

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