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At home with Wayfair.com and target #homedecor #styleblogger #home

At home with Wayfair and Target.

I have looked around Wayfair.com before. You know how it goes, you are not sure about what you are looking for an of course all you see when first glance are items over $1000! And my husband, bless him, kept telling me to look again. And look again and look again. Finally, when we were looking for a new bed…

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Decorate that nursery!

Hi there readers, it is another entry into the saga. how many of you ladies and gents out there have a nursery? How many of you have a theme? How did it turn out and when did you start? Well, start decorating it anyways? Normal people star in the second trimester or most do. Me,on the other hand, just got…

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A steal worth stealing.

I love a good deal, we all know that. I love calling up friends and family about great savings. Or I will post to Facebook in extreme giddiness the deal and savings I found. This is why I had to share this with you!! I purchased this adorable nursery set for $49.99 from Amazon. This set from Soho designs is…

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Funtimes at ikea

Another sunny hot amd humid day; what better way to spend it than indoors at IKEA. So, I took a break from working on Gofashiondeals to spend the day at Ikea with my mom. IKEA has some great ideas for the home and as I said before it is great for people on a budget.  Like me,  for instance. The…

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Ikea to brave it or not

It is the store where no one understands what anything means. But you get the general idea of what the item is because of how it looks. Like ribba, it is a picture frame, so that must be what it means. And the Alkaline must be for batteries because hey, that is what’s in the box In this world of Swedish words,…

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