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Getting ready for fall with Justfab.

Hi there friends! As you know I am a shoe lover. I love heels, sandals, boots,booties, etc. Well, I recently got a pair of Justfab boots for my fall line up and I am so thrilled, I just had to share with you the look. Even though I was dying in the heat as it is 900 degrees here. Can…

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Justfab Laken

Tuesday shoesday : Justfab Laken

I am back!!! Or backish. Sorry for the long hiatus! Let me say this, it has been  a long time since I have been this sick! Everyone was sick in my house. What makes it worse is when you have a child sick too. They just seem to get it so much worse than us adults. Poor baby. I almost…

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Leopard coat and OTK boots

Hi there friends it is another, brain fart not sure what to call this post. Post thing. I am sitting here at whatever PM it is trying to stay awake long enough to write some thing down. Being an adult is hard isn’t it? Being a parent is hard. Remember when we were all young and could stay up all…

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C/MEO collective dress.

This post was originally from Christmas time. So that is why there is a lot of Christmas time stuff. I am going to start revisiting past posts on Thursdays. What do you think? This was a great and still is a great dress that you can wear with jeans or by itself. Such a great dress. Hi there friends! How…

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Off shoulder

HI there friends! I am so excited to share this post and some what a bit self conscious. *gasp* Mostly because of the AWESOME sunburn but also this lovely bruise my cat gave me. He was trying to kill a lizard and I tried to save the lizard by picking the big 25lbs cat of mine. He got me bad.…

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