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OOTD tank top and satin pants

E.SSUE by Love & love

I have been looking for some high waisted pants. And Satin pants thanks to ETRO spring/summer 2017 show. You can see my faves from that show here. Anways, I was shopping around my new fave online shop TOBI when I saw these E.SSUE pants on sale. And they were Satin, they were high waisted, and they are now mine! And for…

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Wearing sequins in the day.

Hi there friends! As you know I love a bit of glitter and sequins and all things sparkly. Who doesn’t? Today on the blog I am going to show you that you CAN wear a bit of sequins during the day. It is possible and it is fun and it is so easy to do. It is all how you…

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Mirkwood Guard, style the nerd tee.

I finally got the shirt I have been wanting so bad for almost 2 years? Yeah, I think it is 2 years about. Anyway, I love Skreened. They have the neatest shirts and I had been eyeballing this Mirkwood Guard shirt. I finally got the shirt that pays homage to one of my fave things. Tolkien. It a more hilarious…

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