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repeating stripes and skinny jeans

Repeating stripes and skinny jeans.

I really love wearing tees that are comfortable and jeans that are too. There are just some pieces that you just repeat, like this striped tee from Motherhood Maternity and these H&M Mama jeans. These are great maternity pieces since they are comfortable and affordable! I have had this tee for a bit now, and I honestly need to get…

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Maternity style wishlist H&M mama

Maternity style wishlist: H&M MAMA

Being pregnant is hard enough and add trying to find clothes that still reflect your style can also be a royal pain in the (ill just say it! )ASS! Everything has those same old same old empire waists the tired synonymous pieces that have been around forever. I get it, they work. They are what is available most of the…

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