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All green outfit of the day

Well, if you follow along with my Instagram @gofashiondeals you will probably have seen my post about my head getting smashed in by some blinds and then the couch deciding my toe wasn’t necessary, and that coffee was better worn. And yes the color is a good one in clothing and some shoes, as well as nail polishes, however, not…

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hm dress and green scarf

#ootd Styling a scarf for fall!

Hi there friends! Happy Monday to you all! Today was a nice cool moring! It was fall a fall morning!!! I got so excited that after we went grocery shopping to refill the fridge after we lost all our food, that I had to come home and take pictures of today’s OOTD. I really am excited. It is a day…

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The green dress again.

Hi friends! Wow, I forgot how hard it is sometimes to manage a blog with a noodley toddler. I tried to blog for two days and welp, that just didn’t happen. It was a few days of nothing makes me happy and I’m gonna fit about it. Yeah, today we went out to lunch and had a great time .…

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Forest green.

Hi there friends! Happy Friday! I need to do my August faves still. Which is what I wanted to do today. But, I did something else. Got to love that. Procrastination at it’s finest. Actually, I have been working on a fun and exciting post for tomorrow. Today is a bit weird for me. I actually was not even planning…

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