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Simple maternity outfit for a mild winter

Simple winter outfits for a mild winter.

Florida has some mild winters for sure. Last year we were still seeing days of 90 degree weather in December. Our winter was basically non existent here, we had the never ending summer. But, this year, we have the winter we should be having. Cold as the north in the night and chilly during the day. Basically a fall day…

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structured handbags

Shopping Edit: Structured handbags

Hi there friends! Happy Thursday! I just figured I would post a quick shopping edit. And just say one thing I JUST WANT ONE WEEK OF NOT BEING SICK OR INJURED! Oh my god, I screwed my neck up in my sleep. I have no idea what happened. Just that it did and I hate life right now. SO, anyways.I…

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Handbags to drool for.

I love handbags. They are just awesome to have around. Whether it is a clutch or purse, these important pieces of accessories can be an outfit maker. I have picked some great handbags. This season is about metallics and prints, solids, and still color blocking. What is my favorite brand? Coach Leather purses. Why? THEY LAST! I have them and…

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