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Dragon shirt and new shoes.

Hi there friends! I am so excited for today’s post! Well, if you saw yesterday I wrote a full review on the Justfab Vivenne heels. Which you can read right here. ย  I didn’t want to post all the stuff in one post so I split it up into two. Because these shoes need a more in depth review. And…

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sheinside shirt and holister jeans

Makeupless Monday.

Ok to be fair I do have some mascara and primer on. But my eyelashes are not the ones dealing with the burn. That would be the rest of me. YIKES~! So, I debated with myself whether I would do a post today or not. Which is why I posted an oldie but goodie of my trip to Lue Gardens…

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GeekyGlam by Steph

Hi there friends! And I hope your weekend is amazing and awesome! Well, I wanted to make a full post about my shop GeekyGlambySteph on etsy. Yes, I took the plunge and am now selling shirts and jewelry on etsy. I am so very excited about this and am very proud of the things that I have made. SO, what…

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