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white camisole and black culottes transitioning to normal clothes after baby

White camisole and black culottes

When you are so pale you blend in. #vampireproblems I am starting to transition back into my old clothes. It feels good, but things are still a tad tight on the upper leg area. But, since I was recently told I could work out again, I plan on getting back into shape. The thought of wearing some of my old…

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Linen pants and white camisole

Linen pants and a white camisole.

I have been putting together a way to get content on the blog. And the thing I was telling my mother was I need balance, a balance between my kids, my hubby, my house(which looks like a hurricane hit it, and my blog life. Let’s face it, the blog is for me, it is my grasp at the outside world…

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stepping out of your comfortzone, wearing motherhood shorts and aeropostale top

Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Stepping out of your comfort zone, not an easy thing to do. Your comfort zone is called that for a reason, you are comfy and you do not deviate from it. This can be something that happens in parenting, blogging, fashion, travel, and food even! There is a comfort zone in each! Today on Glamorousandgeeky.com I am talking about the…

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styling the summer maxi skirt

Styling the summer maxi skirt

Styling the maxi skirt for summer is pretty easy. But, if you were to ask me nothing is more summery this summer than the color marigold. Actually, the color works in fall too because it goes with all those fall shades. Styling maxi skirts is really easy and this one from Forever 21 is great for summer. This marigold maxi skirt has a high slit…

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mom life me time

Me time a day of shopping.

SO, you have had a busy week or two. You are SAHM, or even a WM(working mom) or a WAHM mom and you are with the littles day in and day out. The diapers, the dirty clothes, the running around. And if you are like me with a kiddo with special needs, it will be constant therapies, speech appointments, dr appointments.…

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Monochrome lines

Hi there friends and happy happy Monday! Erica is nothing but a blurb around here. The storm is pretty much nothing right now. Orlando is  pretty much OK. Just a few storms here and there throughout the next couple of days. Flooding is now a concern. Oh joy. The joys of hurricane season! Today, I was able to get a…

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Black and pop of pink.

Today is one of those days where I want to stay in bed until October. I can’t remember the last time I was sick. But, here we are. Yuck. Yesterday morning I was still feeling pretty darn good. So, in the morning I was able to get some pictures of my outfit of the day, before crashing on the couch/floor playing Dragon Age Inquisition  while…

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