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Salsa code cracked.

I love salsa. Chunky or not the stuff is fantastic! This was made in the bullet. And let me say it is close to Chipotle. You will need 4 tasty Lee tomatoes or 4 or 5 Romano tomatoes. 1 jalapeño 4 green onions 4 cloves of garlic A big handful of cilantro fresh. 1 squirting of lemon juice. Salt to…

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Great fall meal. Drunken pasta.

Every now and then you run into something extraordinary on pinterest. This recipe for drunken pasta is just that. So much goodness on a plate and this meal will be great for colder weather!! Recipe was found on www.thecozyapron.com via pinterest. Makes a great second day meal like lasagna! Ok. What you will need. Olive oil 4 spicy Italian Sausage. …

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