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OOTD mother of dragons

Staying motivated.

Motivation. It can be a mood killer as much as it can be a mood enhancer. Staying motivated is hard work. That momentum to keep plugging away and do what you do. Motivation can be as simple as wanting to be motivated to get out of bed, or do the dishes, or write a blog post. What can you do…

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Starry days. OOTD inspired by Valentino

Hi there friends How is your Wednesday? I had to remind myself that it is indeed Wednesday. This week has been all tangled up and knotty. Kind of like my hair on a good day. HA. Anyways, today I was inspired to wear the star print maxi skirt after seeing some pins of the Valentino collection with stars. So inspired…

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Oh my stars it’s what I wore Wednesday!

The past couple of days I haven’t posted on the ole bloggeroo. One my little one has been under the weather. And two I have been working on a really awesome project which I am so excited to share soon! I can not wait! Let’s just say it will be a marvelous give away! Today’s post though lets talk about…

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