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NEwchic Maxi dress

Vintage florals with Newchic!

Hi there friends! And what a day! I hope you got a lot of candy last night. I spent the night on the couch with my little one sick as anything. He was fine, me not so much. And still today not that great. But when you are a bloggeraholic you feel that need to get up and get shit…

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Fall Colors! Styling a dress for Fall.

Hi there friends! What a glorious fall day! Today I went outside to let the dog out and it was beautiful. It was cool out! I imediatley knew what I was going to wear. I grabbed my new Tobi Bethany Shift dress! I love the wine color of this dress and just love how fall like it is! This my…

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OOTD, let’s pretend it’s fall

So, it is still very much summer here. At 88 degrees it is not very “fall like” . But, I love the fall and winter so unfortunately I have to pretend it is fall. #lifeisshortweartheboots If I didn’t I would never get to wear my boots. Since it is so hot out it makes it hard to be all fall…

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