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Wearing all white.

Wearing all white, ahh it can be a bit scary. Fearing that at any minute something will stain your pants, or your shirt…or both. When I wear white jeans, I worry that anywhere I sit can be a risk of getting stuff on your butt.  And then walk around all day like that, would anyone say anything? Probably not considering…

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OOTD: Monochrome basics.

  Everyone needs those basics in their closet. Like White tees, black tees, plain tanks, etc. And this tee is perfect as a great basic. And you will never ever guess where I got it! I will wait…. Nope not H&M, good guess though. Walmart, guys, Walmart. Yeah, I got this basic white tee from Walmart. And what is even…

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The new/old neutral, Tuesday Shoesday

Hi there friends! Happy Tuesday! It is a shoesday Tuesday or Tuesday SHoesday. Whatever it is, lets talk SHOES! I just got a new pair of booties from Justfab and I can not wait to share them. I also made an unboxing video but, my camera was acting up. So that got totaled. Anyways, here are my thoughts . I…

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FALL in love with Justfab

Hi there friends and I hope you are all having a fantastic Friday! I am having a not too shabby day! I got most of the house cleaned yesterday and had a bunch of things to do around the house so I took a day off from the bloggeroo to get things done. When you have people home with nasty colds like…

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