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My referee stripped shirt.

http://shopstyle.it/l/OvvH   shirt// culottes here and here//shoes//bag similar//sunglasses So, funny story. This shirt? A few years ago when I received it from Stylewe my hubby made the hilarious comment that my top looked like a referee shirt. Or something to that effect. Did that stop me from wearing it? Hell to the NO. In fact for 3 years I have worn…

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white camisole and black culottes transitioning to normal clothes after baby

White camisole and black culottes

When you are so pale you blend in. #vampireproblems I am starting to transition back into my old clothes. It feels good, but things are still a tad tight on the upper leg area. But, since I was recently told I could work out again, I plan on getting back into shape. The thought of wearing some of my old…

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black and white outfit how to style culottes

How to Style Culottes

Hi there friends! Today is a What I wore Wednesday of what I wore Tuesday! Since I didn’t get around to putting this on the blog. Because when you have a little home sick, things just do not work out do they? My living room looks as if a tiny hurricane struck. such is Mom life. The look I wore…

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blogger outfit how to style off shoulder

H&M OOTD And Justfab Bettine

So Mother’s day was yesterday and while I am still reveling over the fun of it and the sunburn, I am sharing a new outfit. An outfit bought by hubby but picked out by me! H&M had a MASSIVE Mother’s day sale and we took advantage of it including getting the little a matching Metallica shirt to go with Mom…

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fashion blogger styling stripes

What I wore Wednesday ; Striped H&M crop

Here is to not the heck knowing what to call a post I am sitting here with phone in grabbing range due to my needing to get the little from school earlier than planned. A nose bleed that was awful, now most of the time it isn’t something to go home over, other than bloody clothes can be changed. But, he…

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Stylishly Simple.

I love outfits that are simple, and sometimes the simpler the better. So, for the next two days on GFD, I am going to show 2 stylish and simple outfits. Perfect for the mom on the go, the errand runner, or the “holy crap I got up late” lady.  Like this outfit, I have on a cute cat shirt that…

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