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At home with Femmeluxe Finery

Hi neighbors, I don’t know about you all but I am getting a tad stir crazy.And while I love being at home, I really do miss the adventures my kids and I had out of the home. I say that and want to just curl up in a ball because of pain, periods are fun right?  And days like this all…

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Story time! The day I became a mall walker.

Ok, so we have all seen those people at the mall before it opens. The people walking around the inside of the mall like they are walking the most exuberant exercise ever. And yet here I was doing the same thing. I was already at the mall to retun something to H&M. Pants that I ordered that were the “same”…

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Being Neutral

Hi there friends! Happy Manic Monday! I never thought I would get this blog post done before 10PM! I have one of those days where you just run around all day and feel like I have not been home long enough to even breathe! Today, I threw on some comfy clothes. H&M sweater, jeans, and boots from Justfab. Pretty basic, pretty…

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