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The lemon sugar cookie recipe #cookies #christmas #christmascookies

Lemon sugar cookies.

  There is nothing better than cookies at Christmas time, especially sugar cookies. There are so many memories of making sugar cookies with my mom at Christmas time. That it is something I want to share with my boys. But we always just did a basic sugar cookie, not this time! This time we did a lemon sugar cookie. The…

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Cookie of the day! Gingerbread! 

I have been hunting for a gingerbread cookie recipe that didn’t call for eggs for a while now. I found one on Pinterest and loved it, changing some of the milk and spices amounts . I have made a cookie that is perfect for anyone who has a kid who love to try to eat the dough. Or even a…

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Sugar sugar Cookies

  It is that time of year, time for cookies! And here is another great holiday pick! The sugar cookie! Perfect for making with the little ones and perfect for rolling and cutting into fun and festive shapes! These cookies are great with just the plain vanilla, but I even made a lemon batch! So good! And just decorate how…

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White Chocolate cranberry cookies.

I was going to post this recipe tomorrow. But, I just couldn’t wait to post it! Have you ever been so excited over something that you have just have to share it? Well that is this cookie recipe. I know there are a butt ton of recipes of this particular cookie on Pinterest, but this one will give you Pinterest…

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Rolling in those holly jollies.

To say that I am a Christmas enthusiast is a bit under-exaggerating. When in  fact I am not an enthusiast. I am obsessed.  Yes, I am a Christmas nut. I get excited for the lights and trees. I get over joyed for the thought of cookies. And I love giving cookies and gifts! Love it! Of course I love getting…

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TBT, sugar and spice cookies.

I had to decide what to post today, and I have been craving these adorable window cookies since I bought raspberry jam. These cookies work for fall,winter, spring, and summer. Wouldn’t they make just a great snack. So, this throw back Thursday I thought I would reshare this recipe. Ingredients: 1 3/4 cups of flour 1 stick of softened butter…

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