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Good Books and polish.

I have been reading a lot lately! I am trying to get back into my normal me grind, and that also means I have been playing video games! I am taking a Witcher 3 break for Fallout 4. Why? Because Cuphead makes me rage quit. No seriously,  that game makes me rage quit so bad. I have to take a…

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arm candy

Insta Arm Candy.

If you follow me on Instagram @gofashiondeals you may have seen my abundance of arm candy and coffee lately. I have an obsession with it for some reason. I think why I love bling is because of my little. He plays with my bracelets if waiting in line or if we are somewhere sitting. He fidgets with that instead of…

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Sunday style

Hi there friends and happy Sunday fun day! What a great day to go run around with the family or sit and read. Heck it is a great day to run around outside with the little ones. Today’s outfit of the day is featuring that wonderful skirt from Shabby Apple. I love chiffon and I love mixing it with fun…

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Shop away, my “me time”

This is what I am doing with myself while hubby is away. My son is teething all over my COACH wallet. And I am bored with no car to go couponing. So, I am browsing through Betsey Johnson website. That watch caught my attention. Cute right? And Dear Betsey has some great coupons.10% off $50 + FS using promo code…

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