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Cuff bracelets I need right now.

 Anndra Neen Suma Cuff Bracelet • Anndra Neen • $225 MCM Studded Leather Cuff Bracelet • MCM • $87.50 Tom Ford flower cuff bracelet • Tom Ford • $1,389 Copacabana Braided Cuff Bracelet • $258 Ebony Cuff Bracelet • Reminiscence • $403 Celine Minimal Manchette Cuff Bracelet • Celine • $345 Anna & Ava Caila Wire Cuff Bracelet • Anna…

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rosegal maxi dress

Feeling Ombre with Rosegal

If you would have asked me a year or two ago if I liked the whole “ombre trend” I would have said no. NO way not on your Nelly. But, a few years later when it’s hype has slowed down I found myself liking it. If only just a little bit. And then I found this casual maxi dresses from ROSEGAL…

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Off shoulder ruffle dress.

Well here we are at 4 AM again, the little wide awake because of a coughing fit. Mama bear forgot to give him his cough meds before bed. OOPS. Bad mommy, but it happens. Right? I guess so. SO, here I am at 4 AM writing a blog post on a dress, I have worn a few times on the…

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Accessories that WOW.Featuring ZAFUL

You all may have seen the picture of a certain pair of sunnies from ZAFUL on my Instagram. These sunnies are some of the awesome pieces that I got on my recent Zaful haul! YAY!!! I love accessories, which you would never know looking at some of my archives on this here bloggeroo. The problem for me, is with my…

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