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$4 dollar H&M dress and ALDO shoes

A $4 H&M dress and ALDO heels.

$4 dollars for a dress? Do not mind if I do!!! H&M is known for having some affordable fashion and this dress is wonderful! While at H&M one day dropping off some old, no longer wearing, damaged clothes to recycle I saw this dress. The shiny blue pleated material just reeled me in, and then to see the price tag…

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black top and cullotes

Outfit black culottes and crop top.

When it comes to basic and simple outfit, I find that I always end back up with black and white as the color palette of choice. For me anyways. Some people go pastel and neutral, me? I go back to those two basic of basic. Black and white. And there is nothing wrong with that, and sometimes not basic. This…

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OOTD Monochrome

What do I wear? Monochromatic Monday.

Ever have those mornings where you just stand in the closet and think ” What am I going to wear today?” That was me for sure this morning! I was standing there touching each shirt, flipping each hanger, looking and scrutinizing everything. I went for the fall back graphic tee, and a bold skirt. And yeah, We all know I…

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blogger ootd

Date Night outfit.

Date night, ahh the glorious night where you can leave the house sans kiddo and have fun with the hubby or So.(for us who have the littles.) And with Valentines Day coming up really quick. Why not think about that gorgeous date outfit for that amazing Valentines day plan? Whether it is for Valentines day or just a date night…

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So Vogue

I was going to post this yesterday. AKA that awesome day known as MONDAY. WOW. Monday was totally a butt kicker. Evil evil Monday. Anyways, today I thought I would post something I shot last week. I bought this shirt from TheRealReal, I love shopping there. It is a DVF and silk and sooo perfect for day or night. Well, I…

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