Shopping Edit! Pre summer Sale!

So here it is a summer sale! I love that summer is almost here and yet I also hate that because well we are in a bit of a drought in Florida, and that means we are probably in for… Continue Reading

Styling Stripes for Spring

  Hi there friends! There is a zebra on the blog today! No, not really. It is just me. So, this season coming up there is going to be a influx of stripey goodness. All types, from small striped to… Continue Reading

Walking to MORDOR.

Hi there friends! I hope your weekend was awesome. My weekend was spent taking care of a little who seemed to catch the funk…sigh…again. Really. Can I have ONE month of no illnesses? Is that too much to ask? NO?… Continue Reading

Winter blues OOTD

Hi there friends Happy Thursday! And apparently chocolate day? So grab a candy bar and have a seat with me for a while.  Today is one of those gloomy days where you want to just want to sit and watch… Continue Reading