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Top gift ideas for the Mermaid lover!

Tarte Mermaid brush set// SHEIN peep toe mermaid shoe// Tarte Mermaid eyeshadow palette // Shein Mermaid bracelet// Essentiel Antwerp skirt// SHEIN mermaid brush set I love mermaids, who doesn’t? I mean look at the massive fad of mermaid and unicorn hair! So, today’s blog post is all about what to get that friend or relative that loves mermaids! It is…

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Essentiel Antwerp Nerd

Hi there friends Happy Monday and all the madness that occurs on the Monday after daylight savings time. It sucks. We all get crabby and we don’t want to get out of bed and get off to work or school. And mommy becomes the villain by making everyone get out of bed. THE SHAME! HOW DARE I!!!! #momlife Today I…

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