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ISA professional xanadu primer

ISA Professional Xanadu 24k primer

Every once in a while we come across a product that is just AMAZING and we must simply share it!ย  I recently got sentย in the mail a gorgeous bottle of ISA Professional Xanadu vitamin C serum and makup primer and was floored by how good it is!Normally I test it out for a week or two and then write a…

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Redken extreme length sealer review

Hello friends! I am trying to be proactive on the ol bloggeroo, but it’s so hard when you have your kid home sick with strep. Isn’t great when when they share it? I feel awesome! Not really, I feel like I got run overrun over by a moose. A big giant moose. Everything hurts. so today. Today is talking about…

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Play Beautifully with E.L.F

Hi there friends! Happy Friday! Today is a great day! I got some great goodies to share with you from E.L.F! If you haven’t heard of E.L.F, then you are missing out! This cosmetics company offers top quality products for such affordable prices you can go back to ALDO and buy those boots! Wait, that was an inside thought. Sorry.…

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