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Nyx Liquid lingerie

Nyxing it up! Nyx liquid lingerie.

Hello there my happy friends!! It is time for another bloggery post. I am taking a break from playing my Xbox and dying from a great story line in DragonAge Inquisition to bring you this awesome bit of makeupy goodness. NYX! OH MY GOD raise your hand if you love NYX!! I know I do. So it is no surprise…

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ULTA micro Haul!

Hi friends!! Today on Gofashiondeals I wanted to really share my Ulta micro haul. Why? Because why not! I went in to ULTA for some new concealer and well, I was bad. I got all the things instead of just one thing. I got more of my Urban Decay all nighter spray. Which is hands down my fave setting spray.…

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Belk lancome

Belk Mini Haul! LANCOME!!!!

Hi there friends! Happy Saturday!!!! Today I wanted to share my Belk Mini Haul and YouTube Video of that particular haul! I went to Belk for a new LAncome Dual Finish powder. AS you will see in the YouTube video. Let me tell you this powder is my life!!!!!! I always go back to it. It is that good! I…

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Too Faced

Too Faced Micro Haul!

Hi there friends holy crap AM I SUN BURNT AGAIN! Really? Once again I was so focused on my son and hubby being sun protected and once again I forgot me. Oh well, I guess I will never learn will I? No. HA. OK, So on Instagram a bit ago I posted about some awesome Too Faced products that I…

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Loreal VoxBox Review!

Hi there friends!!! It is time for some great beauty products to review!!! If you haven’t heard of influenster, you are missing out! This wonderful app helps you share great products and try them out. Signing up is free and you get some pretty cool things. Like this month I got a Zzzquil box(couldn’t have come at a better time,…

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NARS concealer. A review.

hi there friends happy Sunday! What a day, a lazy day and full of me being exhausted for who knows why. I went to Sephora on Thursday and exchanged my concealer for a different color of the Sephora brand but, it was out of my color! Oh no! What is a lady to do? That is when the nice guy…

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Ipsy October glam bag

Hi there friends it is another Ipsy glam bag opening! Yay! Hurray ! And isn’t that Marvelous darlings? OK, so here are some of the goodies! I have to say that trying to figure out how to take these pictures was a bit hard. The items really didn’t pair up with each other. I was underwhelmed I must say. Yay,…

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