Spring floral midi skirt.

Oh what a day, what a day indeed. Today I was struck by the spring fever faerie and decided to wear my fave floral midi skirt from SheIn. I love the painted flowers and the flowy skirt. And I decided to wear it with my simple tank top and a pair of scrappy sandals.

Gorgeous day and glamorous outfit. Only one problem with said outfit. I was earing my shirt inside out!!! I kept thinking “What in the hell is everyone looking at. What are they giggling like gremlins over? Got to my mom and dad’s house and found out it was due to that, my shirt..being inside out. No one told me. I wish they had. I even took blog photos. Blog photos with a tank top that was inside out. I am just….just…and my hubby didn’t notice either. Wonderful.

justfab bag and heels skirt from SHEIN


So how in Sauron’s name did that happen? I am a tired mom. A very tired mom who was up since 3 AM. My son woke us up at 3am and there you go. I got dressed and didn’t realize it was inside out. Oh good. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has happened to. Things happen. So what do you do? Go into the nearest bathroom and change it to the right way, then walk out of that bathroom like the freaking star you are! That’s what you do! Right? Only then you forget to zip your skirt and thank goodness you hadn’t left the parental units house.


So, why talk about this embarrassing thing? Because that is life isn’t it. And to make matters worse a huge gust of wind gave me a Marilyn Monroe moment. A moment I wasn’t wanting especially at a school. I wanted to post this bit, because it is real. And you always hear people talk about “realness” and being “authentic” Well, can not get anymore real than walking around with a shirt inside out and a slight wardrobe malfunction. Just can’t .

I have never had that skirt be so silly before.

still all the issues and weird mishaps it is just a great outfit.


Steal my style!

Shirt Walmart similar


Shoes Justfab I like these fromJustfab

BAg C/o justfab

then i got home and slipped on cat pee….


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  1. I love how real you are with sharing this story! Ridiculous stuff like that happens to me too! You still look fabulous! I wish I could rock a midi skirt like you!

    • Hey you got to, everyone experiences stuff like this especially when no sleep is concerned, thanks to kiddos. 🙂 I could totally see you rocking a midi skirt!

    • By the way, I love the realness you always show in your post, shirt inside out and all. Still looking gorgeous and glamorous and laughing about it!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words!!! I love this skirt it is a fave of mine! Cant wait to see how you style the shoes!

  2. I have loved the return of the midi skirt! They are so cute and feminine! That’s hilarious that your shirt was inside out at first! Thanks for linking up with Jennie and I for Fabulous Friday!


    • I love that skirt style!!! Yup it is what I do best. wearing things inside out.

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