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Sweet potatos, they used to be stuck in quite a rut. Only spoken of around Thanksgiving time and made with marshmallows, some brown sugar, and butter. But today the sweet potato has become quite the treat. It is a superfood for pregnant woman and a great treat for those on a diet.
I love sweet potatoes, whether they are served with turkey at Thanksgiving or baked in an oven. But this recipe is one of my faves.

What you will need:
Sweet potatoes
Olive oil
Montreal steak seasoning
Cookie sheet
Aluminum foil.

Preheat oven to 425
Take the sweet potatoes clean them off and peel them.
Then cut into small slices.
Place the slices into a bowl and add olive oil. Once the slices are coated with oil pour them onto the cookie sheet. Next pour the Montreal steak seasoning on the potato bits and then back until golden brown.


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