Pink sweater

Well hi hi friends! Happy Thursday! I finally have a moment to write on the old bloggeroo. ย Sometimes it seems having days full of appointments seem to just take all day, especially school appointments and ย Doctor visits. Which if you haven’t yet you should get one of those coloring books for adults. Time flies with those. Waiting rooms become less of a time slow zone. Today for a day full of running back and forth from point A to points b,c, and D i chose to wear a more simple outfit. Like a simple bright pink sweater from Target, one of the softest things ever. And of course skinnies with my ever present OTK ALDO boots.

I took my son to play with his tricycle and he was busy bouncing a ball around. When ever I moved his Harley he moved it back.




And he put his stroller in the way. We only had a few minutes to get some quick pictures and park time fun as I had to get him back in the car for more errands.


I am also wearing my Happiness Boutique necklace ,love it!



I love simple outfits like this and feel so put together. Even thought I was thinking all day “I’m lucky to have makeup on” I felt presentable and put together even though inside I was a hot mess. Choo choo.

Ever have days like that?



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