Perfect graphic tees and tanks, comfy clothes for the autism mom on the go!

I never met a graphic tee that I didn’t like or something like that. I am really feeling this whole comfy look today, I am exhausted . Calling doctors, scheduling appointment, and making sure what therapies my son will miss or not in the next 2 weeks for doctors. Comfort on days when all you are doing the waiting room sitting and standing.  But you know, got to make it cute right? Enter the graphic tee and tanks. Like this one from Game of Thrones.

I know I have worn this to DEATH on the blog, but hey it is a great top and I never ever tire of it! How can you not love a bit of Tirion Lannister? After all I drink the coffee and know things! NOw this blog post will be a bit brief, as I am having a bit of writer’s block!

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