Palm print onepiece swimsuit.

I was hoping this summer to have the fully realized palm printed dream. A perfect palm print one piece swimsuit, a cute straw hat, and some summer fun. That was not the case, not in the slightest. We only just made it to the beach and I had to wear a suit that just barely fit me. JUST BARELY.

Thanks Depo.

I wanted to wear this stinking gorgeous swimsuit on the beach while watching one little play in the sand and the other babble while being next to me. Didn’t happen.


Well, because that suit,and rain, that suit in the picture above and in the rest of this blog post, along with a body suit I bought(post on that later), does not in anyway fit me. It was too short in the torso, so it gave me a wedgie from hell, and also the part that goes over the chest is not really made for someone with a bigger bust. Seriously, it made me feel like a sausage popping out of it’s casing. I felt horrible in it, my body positivity and self confidence went sour and I wanted to cry at the weirdo in an ill fitting swimsuit staring back at me in the mirror. This suit may look great on someone who doesn’t have a larger bust and is 5 ft tall total.

I was sad because this suit is sexy without being overly sexy. I mean I get it we are at the beach, but I have the baby belly sagginess and the depo swelling. I need something that makes me feel less weird. So, I got this suit. And then I saw some bloggers on insta wearing it and I was like YES! It looks great on them, or at least their version of it does. Well, that didn’t pan out for me at all. And so I thought, what if I loose more weight. Which I felt I have lost a bit, and nope no nada. Doesn’t fit, it is the torso isn’t long enough for a taller individual. Granted I am no Heidi Klum in height, I am more of a Tinker Bell in height still not meant for someone over a certain height. Unless I got a dud.

I was so hopeful, so happy and then I tried it on. But, my lack of success may not be yours. You may be able to wear this suit and look fierce and fabulous and goddess-like. Me? I looked like a troll in a swimsuit. *post partum may have played a roll in the mental state here on that* I have come to the realization that this will never fit me, no matter how much weight I loose. Not when the issues are in the torso and chest.

But, again you may not have that problem….

I was going to link to the suit, but I just can not in my better judgement do that. So here are some other great suits that I love. I know summer is almost over, but we can still embrace the palm print here a little while longer!




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