Milly for Designation Sale Kohl’s.


I just wanted to let you all know that Millys is on sale at Kohl’s for up to 40% off! YAY! Good things come to those who wait! There is some really great pieces for summer! I really like the jumper and I want to get that lemon shirt because..reasons. LEMONS! I also love the colorful maxi and have been looking for a pencil skirt that I can recreate a look I saw on Pinterest.ย  I love a good sale and 40% is a great deal. I waited to get some things to see if they would go on sale and I have been too lazy to go to the store. Hence good things come to those who wait and hurray for online shopping.



My picks are these here:


1. MILLY for DesigNation Shirred Peasant Top – Women’s, Size: SMALL / 2. MILLY for DesigNation V-Neck Jumpsuit – Women’s, Size: X SMALL (Black)/ 3.MILLY for DesigNation Print Empire Maxi Dress – Women’s, Size: LARGE (Black) /4. / 5. MILLY for DesigNation Lemon Sequin Tee – Women’s, Size: X SMALL (Yellow) / 6. MILLY for DesigNation Umbrella Midi Scuba Skirt – Women’s, Size: X LARGE (Blue)
Kohls Department Stores Inc





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