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My life lately has been all over the place. I thought once my oldest was back in school I would have some time to get some blogging done, some laundry done, some other house work done.

I thought. I hoped. And that was wrong.

Wrong because my oldest goes back to school and leaves me alone with a teething baby and no getting crap done.

My baby doesn’t want to be put down, doesn’t want this or that, and I can not get much done. Friends he doesn’t even want to be in the sling.

It is the epitome of momlife and house life.

I just want to blog, I just want to get my bedroom somewhat organized. I just want a moment of zen in a clean living room before I have to get my category 5 hurricane from school.

I don’t get how some people keep things just so all the time. And then mom shame those who don’t . Oh you have toys all over your floor? Dishes in the sink? SHAME ON YOU. Now we are going to ring the bell of shame while you walk through mom life

Seriously, who cares?

Mom shaming happens a lot, from the way you feed your baby to the way you raise that baby. And then how you raise your kids. Judge on your child’s food preferences, he likes what he likes, he has sensory problems and is autistic I’m happy the kid eats what he does!

You get judged on so much. If you are a mom at the playground and get on your phone one time to snap a pic of your child playing, mom shamed. Mom shame mom shame and more mom shame.

You co sleep?! Mom shame about SIDS. People my baby is a higher risk than most. He is hooked up to machines that monitor his heart rate, pulse, and oxygen. He also has oxygen. And my baby has to sleep elevated. Now granted he isn’t in my bed anymore and his own, still he is next to us. He was sleeping on me and I was sitting up, it was the only way I could get him to sleep.

I think with social media now on and in everything we do, mom shaming is just another draw back. Before you could walk away from snide comments when they are made face to face, but when online it is hard. Although you could block, delete and mute now.

Mom shaming is everywhere and it has happened to me over my kids in one way or another. Can we just sit back and instead of telling moms all the damned things they are what the individual is doing wrong, tell them they are doing a great job.

I have been seeing way to many mom shaming posts or moms talking about it when out and about. We would benefit from encouragement more than negative thoughts and unwanted opinions.

But then that is my opinion on all of it.

What are your thoughts on mom shaming? Have you experienced it before in one form or another? Do you think that social media has done more harm in that than good? I would love to know your thoughts.


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