Ikea to brave it or not

It is the store where no one understands what anything means. But you get the general idea of what the item is because of how it looks. Like ribba, it is a picture frame, so that must be what it means. And the Alkaline must be for batteries because hey, that is what’s in the box

In this world of Swedish words, meatballs, and people trying to pronounce everything, you can get quite a lot for a little. Or can you, really? Ikea can be over whelming, with it’s everything is here including the kitchen sink(no joke). But, with all the things to see and to try out one must remember price! Yes, price. Ikea definitely has good things and for cheap, but there is flip side. Some things are just as expensive as anywhere else, and for some items you may want to go else where. Is it worth the drive or the hassle?

The answer? Well sure it can be worth it. Just like getting certain items at Walmart can be worth it. Prices in general are low and some sales are worth it.  I say some because a lot of items are only on sale to Ikea card holders. Family cards at Ikea are a discount card and is used to help you save. It is not a credit card and is free to sign up.  The other thing to keep in mind is you have to look at the specs of the items. Here is the reason, there may be an Expedit on sale but look close because it may only a certain size, color, or piece. This can be very annoying when there are 3 to 4 different pieces all called expedit or ribba. Read! The tags are in English.

Ikea generally, just like Walmart, may be a place you want to avoid  on the weekends. Saturdays are usually insanely busy! There are about 5 million people there(ha) crammed into one heck of a large store. Problem? You betcha! They are all in the same living room setup as you are. No where to go and so very loud. Weekdays if you can do it are a great advantage. Ikea is not as busy, it is busy don’t get me wrong, but there are not AS many people in the store. It is a more tolerable mass quantity of people. You can now take your time, eat your .99cent breakfast and free coffee(with card),and leisurely stroll about the store. Ahhh nice.

What does any of this have to do with fashion? Some could say it doesn’t, and yeah it may not. And well, you can’t wear it. However, this is  a “I’m going  to warn you and help you” post today. Besides you can really organize your closets with the items there. You can make them look amazing and decorate your house. And believe me they are worth every penny. Also, just with fashion there are trends in decorating and home decor products. Just check out DIY network and you will see! See? Helpful right?

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