I bought an epilator, for the sake of science!

Hi there friends and what a great Friday this is. And man are my legs smooth! Why am I talking about that today? Because I bought an epilator. Yes. I got tired of shaving so much and broke down and bought one. After reading bloggers talk about them and seeing reviews on them I took the epilating plunge. And I may not regret it.

I bought the Emjoi eRase for $39 online. And Epilator range from lower 20’s to $300 range. I will include links to the Emjoi eRase at the end of this post.
So let’s unbox it! Yeaaaaaa
Aww it is so cute and little. It has a pretty decent packaging. Every thing came in clear wrap do you can see everything.
The Emjoi eRase comes with 2 attachments. And a comfort cap for more sensitive areas. (Bikini and armpits.) This model has to be plugged in. So it has a cord with it. To clean it you have a little brush.

It is the size of my hand but I like that.

As you can see this is the top of the epilator. This is where the tweezing happens. Those silver bits are the tweezers and they work simultaneously pulling hairs out. It is fast and does the job.
This set comes with an electric razor bit as well.
I need to repaint my nails.

It comes with all this and a case. As well as directions and a booklet.
This Emjoi model is not a wet/dry device. Only dry. But there are some out there that are both. Links at the end of this babble.

So my take?
OK, so to use the epilator you want to be sure to exfoliate the skin before using the epilator.I like this scrub here. Ingrown hairs sucks and it could help. Also it gets rid of dead skin. One word of caution, if you are prone to ingrown hairs you could be prone to it with epilator use. Go through pros and cons. So, back to epilating!
I exfoliated and then used the epilator on low. High setting can work but, it can cut the hairs instead of pulling them. Low worked best. Go over your skin with the Emjoi logo facing you.

I know it isn’t plugged in. But I wanted to show this to you. I eplilated last night. Which epilating at night I think is best. The redness is gone by morning. And if you have a low pain tolerance take a Tylenol (if you can) cause I felt a bit of pain after. Mainly because it was my first time and um when you get cold well that was OUCH. Anyways. Back to what I was saying.
You want to move the epilator over the skin in a “sweeping” motion while holding the skin taunt. It is pretty easy. And it takes a while. Longer than shaving your legs. The hardest part was my under arms. not because of pain, but because it was hard to hold everything tight. What I did on my legs was go over it until there was no more pain or pulling. You will be RED. Exfoliate after epilating. I would do it in the morning. But after, use a lotion that has no fragrance added like coco butter and call it a night. The results I think for me made it worth it. I have a high skin sensitivity. After I shave I itch like a mad woman and since having my tiny child I swear I shave every day. So, epilating. Yes.
Yes there is some pain or discomfort. And I will say finer hairs sucks so bad. I was yelling obscenities that would make a seasoned sailor blush. It was bad. Breath. Remember to breath.

Over all my experience was good and one of the reasons I didn’t shave much this week was for the sake of science. And I wanted to get a good use of the epilator. This Emjoi eRase did it’s job and well. Worth it to me. What has been your experience? Let’s talk about it!

You will have some really soft and hairless legs!

Copyright Disney

Copyright Disney. Disney owns YZMA I just think this pic is hilarious

Want an epilator?

Emjoi Erase is $39.95 on Amazon

The emjoi eMAgine is another I heard great things about. This is the higher level on price point $140 at BestBuy.

I also have heard some good stuff about Braun epilators This one is $92 at BestBuy. I love me some BestBuy., mmm Tech.

The Most Price of this little list is the Remington – Smooth & Silky Epilator – Multi $450 OUCH but I have also heard really good things about this one.



P.S. I think Disney needs to do a ride based on Yzma and Kronk. Like a water ride or roller coaster that goes backwards. “PULL THE LEVER KRONK!”


  • Nicole May 29, 2015 at 12:19 PM

    Wow looks awesome!! Seems like a great product 🙂

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    • Stephanie May 29, 2015 at 12:41 PM

      Thanks Nicole! I am really happy with the results. 🙂

  • Rani May 31, 2015 at 6:37 AM

    Looks good, i bought one too once. ONCE AND NEVER AGAIN, I’ll stick to shaving, it hurts so bad, I had redness everywhere (that didn’t dissapear at night), it looked terrible! 😀

    • Stephanie May 31, 2015 at 6:52 AM

      Oh no!! That is terrible rani! My redness was gone by morning but let me say my legs did hurt most of the night. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. That is how I react with waxing. Redness doesn’t go away for a while and I get a nice bumpy inflammation. I feel your pain.


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