How much would you spend on makeup?

This was a debate I had with some friends yesterday. How much would you spend on makeup? Would you spend top dollar on something that worked for you and your skin condition or would you down size and use things from the drug store knowing that it may not work for you? Would you risk it? Have you used before and how did it work out? Or on the other hand would you buy higher priced makeup if you use the drug store make up? Even if it was working just fine for you and you like the stuff you use?

Well, this topic is something people in the cosmetic depts talk about often. When the economy slips a small fraction of  people will go from Lancome to Clinique and from Clinique to Cover Girl. It is a cycle we saw, and a funny one. Then once these clientele got more money they went back to their faves.The big wigs and head honchos of the dept stores would tell us, even though the economy is bad one thing remains constant.Women will still buy their makeup. But the question is the same would you spend the extra cash on it, if it was worth it to you? We all thought well sure maybe, but it wont be the extravagant purchases. It will be basics, necessities.

To me, it is worth it.Personally, I could tell the difference between the companies. I tried to switch but ended up going back to Lancome,Clinique, and Chanel. Nu Skin reviews look good but I haven’t yet tried any of their products. My skin reacted very badly to the switch to the other brands. Even Though I would loved to have saved the money, I just couldn’t stay with it. I felt to me it was worth spending the money on something that made my skin look great and pretty.I even tried to switch mascaras and ended up throwing the Maybeline great lash away. But, there are those who do not feel the same way.
It is just like saying would you buy a Coach bag or stay with XOXO or Guess? Or if you have Astigmatism would you switch to a regular contact even though you need toric lenses just because it is cheaper? Probably not, especially if you have skin needs that need more specialized products. That being said that is not to say I would go out and spend 100 dollars on an eye cream. To me that is just crazy

So, when do you want to purchase the dept store cosmetics or the “higher-end cosmetics” ? The obvious answer would be when there is a gift of course! But, know this not every company does this. Chanel for example does not do gifts. Now, if you go to the store and no one is in gift, go online and purchase there. If you know your colors, or products its great! Keep your containers and you can order from the color and type of product from there. Ordering online you may be able to get a free gift from the company, regardless if it is that time or not. Free shipping is a bonus too. If there are no gift try to find coupons for the makeup. I know this is a lot of work, but it could be worth it.

Drugstore cosmetics are the makeups sold at grocery stores, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart,Target,etc. This includes ,Revlon,Mabeline,Cover Girl,Almay,Nuetregena,and Loreal. Side note Lancome is owned by Loreal, just a fyi. Some of these stores offer sales and bogos for these products.There are coupons in magazines,newspapers,and printable online ones for some of these companies. The drawbacks, sometimes it is a pain in the ass to fit foundation. Especially, if you can not test it! I have gone to Target to match friend’s foundation, omg. It is hard and you have to be covert ops to make sure. Luckily the times I have done it, the shades were spot on! YAY. Not always is there a tester for you to use.

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