H&M conscious collection. I’m gone with the wind.


Why Rhett! Is what I would be saying all the time in the white stunning layered dress. That dress reminds me of the first dress you see Ms. Scarlett wearing in Gone with the Wind. And I love it! I don’t like the price tag, however. $599 for that beauty that some say “where would you wear it?” Um everywhere. That price is just not in my budget and the garment is sold out! Infact, everything everything save for a few pieces of the lower pay scale is out. And they sold out in the first day! Incredible.

I fell I love with many of the pieces in the collection, but will never be able to buy them. For a company that makes fashion forward clothes that are as affordable as Ikea furniture, this Swedish retailer definitely went out of the norm with this high priced stuff. As much as I am a fan of them, I can not pay that. My own wedding dress from Alfred Angelo was not even that much.

My question is would you spurge on those goodies or save your money for something else ?

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