Happy Sunday! Time for beaches, sand, and partly sunny skies.


I just love days like this sun and sand. The weather was going to get ugly though so it was only a couple of hours we spent at the beach. But still my little man had fun. He got to play in the sand and make a huge mess. But the water was too rough for him to really play in today. The rip tides were kind of bad today at New Smyrna Beach here in Florida. And due to the storm the waves were pushing the tide up further than normal for the time of day. It forced a lot of people to get up and be near their cars. We almost lost our sand castle toys and shovels in the water thanks to that. But it was still fun.


My reading materials today

I got to annoy sea gulls and befriended one. I named him/her(?)Hoss. We shared Cheetos. No I didn’t get any pictures, sorry phone was packed.


Wish you were here

I found a new swim suit yesterday at Target. A navy striped bikini and I got 25% off thanks to Cartwheel.
Such a cute suit and so basic. Paired with Gold sandals from Justfab.com, which stayed in the car. Sugar sand would be a pain to get out of those.


No gulls. But here are my feet at the beach. Imagine that kind of sand getting into a Blinged out pair of sandals. No thanks.

Question how many of you wear makeup to the beach?

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