Got a new toy! Appley iPad air.

Yes folks, I got an Apple. I had to;A. I sold the Asus and B. iPad is more blogger friendly, eBay friendly, and has more stuff for little man to do. It over all is what I need for my 2nd full time job, or rather jobsssssss. My second job is my shop on eBay and my other job is my blog. I can not forget my other job, couponing. My first job is being a sahm. The iPad air is taking some getting used to. For instance I couldn’t find Instagram to save baby Jesus. I finally found it by the way #blondemoment
I know why so many bloggers prefer it. And for eBay, sorry android users it is better. #luvmygalaxys3 I am happy I got it and although I don’t like there being no micro Sd spots, I can upload to the Cloud. So my memory won’t be used up. Over all I think this will be a good thing.

Now, before I got to dream world couponers and freebee lovers pay certain attention to what will be said.
Go to Target and print out the oral care coupon in the coupon section of the website. It is under beauty and is a picture of a mouth wash. Next go TO Target store and use it on the Target Store brand up & up dental floss. Why? It is free! How? Ok, the floss is 99cents. The coupon is for a dollar off the dental floss! Making it 100% free!! Crazy I know, but worth it. Ok after that go to cartwheel and select the Crest toothpaste, it is 10% off and it is 2 for 5 in store. There are coupons online as well, get them from and then use a manufacturer coupon on each, double up on coupons. The toothpaste will be less than $2 a tube. Get it! Oh and if you need toothbrushes, use the oral care coupon and put it towards the Up &Up brand toothbrush, it will only cost 28cents. You will thank me, this is saving money. View coupons as money! It is your cash. For extra savings get the red card debit, you will get 5% additional off.

There is a new cat litter out and I’ll share that once I see how it works out. Clump and Seal, is $7.99 there is a Target coupon for $1off but there is a coupon on the box for $3 off. Then 5% off for using Target’s debit. Less than $4 for cat litter. Huge savings, I hope.

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