Good morning Sunday.

Hello all and good morning. I wanted to take a minute and talk about my excitement of the new Silent Hill. Which may not be released until 2016. Yes, we may have to wait. But with what I have been seeing so far, it could be well worth the wait.
But PS4 released a playable teaser trailer if you want a scary look at the newest installment of the game. Unfortunately,  those of us with Xbox will have to wait and see if Silent Hill will be multi platform. I really hope it will be.
The last Silent Hill games left a bad taste and made me loose faith in the franchise. Hopefully this will redeem them. Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Silent Hill is supposed to be scarey enough to make you poo yourself and I really hope it is that scary.
We can live through polygon ‘ s play through here
Ooooooooohhhh is all I can say. Well, that and beg for an Xbox teaser or demo. Pleaaaase.

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