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Saw some really cute white pants today, I love the look of white pants with a nice draped shirt. But, I’m so scared I would ruin the pants in one minute of wearing them. Like if you sat somewhere would dirt just cling to the pants. I would somehow spill spaghetti sauce on them, even if I wasn’t the one eating it!So, white pants or no white pants, I guess I’ll just have to get another color.
Anyways,I absolutely love the Christian Dior summer collection, I want the Mauve Openwork sandal and the Mink-Grey patent Open toed pump, so cute! Gucci’s ready to wear has some really great pieces too! I absolutely love their children’s line! It looks like there are some punk influences coming back, just take a look at some of Burberry’s stuff, studded jackets.Here are some cute things I found.

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