Gladiator sandals, why are designers acting like this new?


So I am flipping through my copy of Marie Claire and I see the article on Gladiator sandals. My question is this, why are they acting like this is new? I have ancient Egyptian inspired sandals, these are not new. There were gladiator sandals featured in Michael Khors spring/summer 2012.
So, why all of a sudden is there a new found love for these?

The shoes are cute and have a certain sexiness about them, there is no doubt about that. They are just fun to wear and you can just feel more like Cleopatra running around. The sandals come short, which most people are familiar with. You tend to see that more widely worn. Then the other  style which buckles or is laced up to the knee. The styles like that are being featured more than the latter.
These are great shoes and it is no wonder why they have been coming back into fashion since Caesar. All I can say is designers keep them coming!!!!!

Christian Dior Antica

Christian Dior Antica $339.97

MAtt Bernson

Matt Bernson $39.97

Modern Vintage Fabiana

Fabiana Sandal by Modern Vintage

Marciano Trevina

Trevina Sandal by Marciano

Kelsi Dagger Catarina

Kelsi Dagger Catarina

Jessica Simpson Cally

Cally by Jessica Simpson








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