Eucerin Baby and Aveeno Baby.

Hi there friends I wanted to take a minute to talk about something that I really like. I am really multi tasking here from writing a review on Dragon’s Age Inquisition, to finishing up a post for tomorrow on cherry raspberry pie, while entertaining my tiny child, and then getting picked on by my cats. OH GOSH do I need to take a minute. Too many things at one time, but this is important. Or to me it is.

Eczema sucks. And it sucks even more when it is causing your little one grief. My poor tiny child has been plagued with this awesome thing since well he was born. But now with the aid of a lovely prescription and other stuff he can be more comfortable.

Eczema can be inherited or can be caused by allergies. Even seasonal allergies can trigger this. Heat too.

But,  I found a great cream and body care system to use along side the medication. Eucerin and Aveeno.


Eucerin has a baby line specifically for Eczema and I love their Instant Therapy Crème.


This fragarance free lotion is thick and it helps with itchies and discomfort. IT has Oatmeal, Ceramide-3 and Licochalcone. And it really helps. This bottle is small and I got it for $8.99 but there are coupons out once in a while. When there are STOCK UP. This tube sells out so fast.  And it is formulated for infants.


I also use the Eucerin body crème . It is in a giant tube and I use that every day on tiny child.


I use products for Eczema for his bath. Of course I have some J&J, but that is reserved for if he is really dirty from outside play. I just feel it cleans mud better than the Aveeno.


I love this for his baths. It soothes and protects his sensitive skin. I use this and I also get the Eczema bath kit. Which are packets of a refined oatmeal and other stuff mix. Put in the bath and it helps the itchies. Also coupons are available for these a lot. And Target has them on Cartwheel now and then.

Eczema is no fun for the little ones or for adults. And it sucks because even water,yes water, can trigger a “flare up” . So baths are every couple of days. 🙁  But it is great to know there are products out there to help. Also I stick with Dreft to wash his things in. He has to have all his clothes washed separately.

Any other tips for Eczema? Thanks for reading!



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