Cuff bracelets I need right now.

 Anndra Neen Suma Cuff Bracelet • Anndra Neen • $225
MCM Studded Leather Cuff Bracelet • MCM • $87.50
Tom Ford flower cuff bracelet • Tom Ford • $1,389
Copacabana Braided Cuff Bracelet • $258
Ebony Cuff Bracelet • Reminiscence • $403
Celine Minimal Manchette Cuff Bracelet • Celine • $345
Anna & Ava Caila Wire Cuff Bracelet • Anna & Ava • $20
Arme De L’Amour Tassel Cuff Bracelet • $145
Resin GG cuff bracelet • Gucci • $1,550

I love these bracelets, but funny thing is I do not own any! How crazy! I need to change that really soon!

P.s. I will be missing for a few days, due to having surgery on my mouth. joy…I will hope to be back to the grind Monday! Thanks for reading!


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